April 6, 2018


Choose an option

  • Junior 18-13 Open Class
  • Up to and including 160 cm
  • Over 160 up to and including 163 cm
  • Over 163 up to and including 165 cm
  • Over 165 up to and including 168 cm
  • Over 168
  • Master +35 up to 163
  • Master +35 up over 163


Starts Sunday 17 november 2018

Athletes are advised to be ready backstage 1 hour before they step on stage.

Bikini, Pro League Qualifier

For the experienced athlete going for the Pro Card.

Trophies for Top 6 athletes, medals for Top 3 athletes in all Pro Qualifier classes.

Notice: Junior & Masters will not take place in the Overall

Winner at the Overall gets  IFBB Pro Card to the IFBB Professional League

Judging, and rules for the Pro League Qualifier

  1. Each competitor is called onstage individually in numerical order in a two-piece bikini and high heels and walks onstage performing their “Model Walk” and then forms in equal numbers along diagonal lines at each side of the stage. The center stage area is left clear for the callouts.
  2. The “Model Walk” is described as follows: Walk to the center of the stage, stop and do a front stance (one hand or both hands on hip front pose), then a full turn and do a back stance (one hand or both hands on hip back pose), then turn to the front again (hands on hip) and face the judges, and then proceed to the side of the stage. No lewd acts are permitted. The length of time allowed is 10 seconds.
  3. The head judge then directs groups of competitors in numerical order through the front and back turns. The size of the groups is at the discretion of the head judge.
  4. The head judge then directs selected competitors through the callouts, where the selected competitors are compared against each other in the front and back turns, as well as in the “Walk”. The number and placement of competitors in the callouts is at the discretion of the head judge.
  5. The “Walk” is described as follows: Start by facing the judges (one hand or both hand on hip front pose). Under the direction of the head judge, turn 180°, pause, walk towards the back of the stage, pause, turn 180°, pause, walk towards the front of the stage and face the judges. Finals (Confirmation Round)

Other Competition Rules:

  1. For the Judging and Finals, competitors must wear a two-piece bikini, the color and style of which is at the competitor’s discretion. The bikini must cover a minimum of one-half of the buttocks area. G-strings are prohibited. Footwear (high-heels) must be worn.
  2. The competitor’s number must be securely attached to the left side of the bikini bottom at all times.
  3. During the Judging, competitors cannot wear watches, bangles, pendants, chains, bracelets (wrist or ankle), ornamentation or artificial aids to the physique.
  4. The excessive application of oils, moisturizers, skin creams, tanning creams and like products is prohibited and may be used only in moderation. The application of tanning products must produce a natural tone so as to give the appearance of a natural tan. Products that produce an unnaturally colored tone, with an orange, yellow, red, green or gold hue, are prohibited. Bronzing agents that produce a metallic look are also prohibited.